The Slow Wokeists

Zizek talks about The Fast Runner and wokeAF film critics:

I’m not giving you this multi-cultural bullshit, ‘ooh, native Americans, Inuit, what a great nation,’ no, [The Fast Runner] is simply a good movie. Did you see [it]? I simply enjoyed it. And I hope I can repeat a story why I like it….it was a big lesson against superficial leftist critique….some people who were friends with the producers sent me a box of all the materials about the movie….the director* of the movie (who now unfortunately [has] died), you know the story so I won’t go into it; but some idiot – I mean white, liberal, politically correct — ….reproached the movie for succumbing to Hollywood commercialization, because you know the movie stages an old Inuit legend, and the movie changes the ending. I read [that] the original Inuit legend ends tragically; they all more or less kill each other. In the movie [however] it’s just that the two bad guys are not even killed, they’re just excommunicated and so on; it’s a much softer, open ending.

So the reproach was, ‘you’re not faithful to the original, you’ve succumbed to Hollywood commercialism and so on.’ Oh my god. The guy, the Inuit director, gave a perfect answer. He said, ‘no, you are a white racist here….because you don’t see that retelling the story always in a different way to fit the present circumstances [is] our Inuit tradition. Your notion of “being faithful to the original” theory is your white people’s ideology. You don’t get…how our original native logic works; it’s very opportunistic. We – because we are the original traditional people – don’t fetishize our culture into the original tradition; we manipulate it to tell the story always in a new way.’

*- Zizek said director but I think he’s referring to the movie’s writer/producer, Paul Angilirq.