Zizek On Smug Liberalism

I appreciate Bernie Sanders…because I’m so sick and tired of this upper middle class white political correctness where, you know, they don’t really have any contact with black people, with poor people; often their political correctness even has a clear class edge. You know, when an American liberal talks about how, in some circles, women have no rights, they are mistreated, quite often they mean Latino-American and black families and so on.

Bernie Sanders…in Vermont…was very careful to avoid this upper middle class elitist politics. The key of his success is that he doesn’t dismiss ordinary farmers, all those who are usually part of even the populist racist moral majority. He kept a dialog with them. So he is a living proof that the left should abandon this arrogance of ‘oh middle class workers, they are just half proper fascists and so on, we can’t maintain contact with them.’

— From the recent Guardian discussion video, which has been taken down from YouTube.