American Freikorps

A Pre-Sith Christopher Hitchens in good form at 1hr 6min 30 sec:

….these rebels as they call themselves, these anti-establishment figures — they are nothing of the kind, they say they are against the government, they are lone pioneers and frontiersmen — who are they? Where’s Gordon Liddy come from if he isn’t a pimp of the state, an incubus of the National Security System? Where does Oliver North come from? Who dares say this man is a rebel or dissident? He’s an outgrowth of the government…..What’s anti-government about these extruded forces of the state? They will when the time comes — if it does come…..if the time should come when push came to shove — these are the people who would be the freikorps, these are the people who would take orders, these are the people who would be the disciplined and docile forces of the government who would of course always regard them as deniable — and we have been warned. When Picasso was visited in his studio in occupied Paris by a Gestapo officer who was told to make nice with him, there was a sketch of Guernica on the wall and the Gestapo critic rocked on his heels in front of it and said, “that’s very good, did you do that?” And Picasso said, “no, you did.”……. We ought to earn the title of anti-fascist for ourselves… ought not to be scared of the alleged fighting words of others, of the scum of the earth, of the fat fucks like Rush Limbaugh, and the pimps and pensioners of the state like Oliver North and Gordon Liddy.”